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Following the latest government entry prevention policy, people arriving from Overseas (excluding China) to Hong Kong are required to undergo compulsory quarantine. Since Butterfly Hospitality Group do not have any designated quarantine hotels, we will only accept 14-day quarantine bookings for those arriving from China (including Macau and Taiwan) until further notice. Thank you for your understanding.


Butterfly Hospitality Group respects and cares for each and every person’s safety and wellness. As a socially responsible corporation, we are implementing a series of hygiene practices to ensure that our guests and work teams are under the best protection against the spread of Novel Coronaivirus (2019-NCOV). We have enforced a number of hygienic measures on sanitation control throughout the hotel premises to safeguard the health of every person.

Our Hygiene Practices

  • Our staff are required to pass a temperature check before going on duty and to wear a mask properly, as advised by the World Health Organization
  • Every person is required to have a mask on when entering into Hotel’s area
  • All guests are asked to perform a temperature check in front of our Thermal Tablet, a revolutionary contactless digital tablet performing accurate temperature checks, before check-in. Temperatures higher than 37.5°C (ideal core temperature) will be notified.
  • All guests can sanitise their hands with our automatic disinfectant contactless dispenser.
  • We are the very first hotel group in Hong Kong to use the Innoclean Air Purifier. Its H13 HEPA filter has a One Pass Filtration Efficiency of 99.95%. Certified and lab test approved.
  • Our public spaces are disinfected with our trust ULV (ultra-low volume) Fogger to ensure the highest standard of quality and cleanliness.
  • All guests must fill in the health declaration form to state the visited place(s) in the last 14 days and declare if he/she has any symptoms of a cold/flu
  • Every staff will have clear instructions on how to maintain personal hygiene, inclusive of washing hands with soap hourly
  • Every hour, we sanitise our lifts including all buttons and surfaces
  • Every 3 hours, we sanitise the hotel lobby and public area
  • We provide complimentary hand sanitisers at all of our counters in the reception area
  • We sanitise all furniture and walls in every guest room daily

Our responsibility lies in protecting every one of our guests and staff. In regards to this, Butterfly Hospitality Group holds the final rights to reject any person(s) who fail the temperature check or possess any symptoms of a cold. Your cooperation is highly appreciated.


由於政府實施新的入境防疫措施,規定由中國以外地方抵港人士須於指定檢疫酒店進行強制檢疫。本酒店非指定檢疫酒店,故現階段只接受中國地區 (包括澳門及台灣) 預訂14日檢疫,直至另行通知。感謝您的支持及諒解。


晋逸酒店集团已将旗下各酒店的卫生程度提升至最高度警戒级别,已全面实行一连串消毒及防御措施以减低新型冠状肺炎病毒的传播机会; 作为具有社会责任的企业,我们承诺致力为客人及员工提供安全的住宿及工作环境,已全面实行措施如下:


  • 所有酒店职员每天於履行职务前已通过体温检测及严格规定於工作岗位正确佩戴口罩
  • 所有人进入酒店范围时必须正确佩戴口罩
  • 酒店大堂已装置了免触式自动体温侦测仪,若有客人体温高於37.5°C正常体温水平,职员会即时知晓及有权拒绝客人进入公众范围
  • 我们提供免触式自动消毒酒精,请务必於进出酒店范围时全面消毒双手
  • 我们是全港首个酒店集团采用Innoclean专业空气洁净机,其H13 HEPA 过滤功能已通过检测认证,一次性过滤空气效能高达99.95%
  • 酒店公众范围均以消毒雾化器净化消毒,每3小时有专人消毒酒店大堂及公众地方
  • 所有客人入住前必须填写健康申报表,通知酒店职员入住前14天曾到访哪国家及城市及有否感冒徵状
  • 每员工有明确个人卫生指引,规定每小时使用梘液揉擦及洗净双手
  • 每小时有专人消毒升降机内外及所有按钮
  • 每3小时有专人消毒酒店大堂及公众地方
  • 所有服务柜面设有消毒搓手液以供所有访客使用
  • 客房内所有用具、家俱及墙身每天进行消毒程序

为给予酒店每一位客人及员工最大之健康保障,酒店有权拒绝任何不能通过体温测试或有感冒徵状的客人; 或酒店发现客人有任何违规行为时,我们亦有权即时拒绝客人於酒店范围逗留。酒店有赖各客人真诚合作,如有任何不适症候,请主动联络本酒店职员及迅速求医。同心抗疫,你我有责。


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