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Breakfast Delights at Butterfly on Wellington

They say that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, so why not fuel yourself with something scrumptious? Butterfly on Wellington has just launched 3 uniquely delicious breakfast sets to cater to your taste. Choose from the following breakfast sets:


1. Hong Kong-style breakfast

  • Macaroni with ham / rice vermicelli with preserved vegetable & pork
  • Hong Kong-style crispy bun
  • Coffee


2. English Breakfast

  • Sausage, egg, bacon
  • Hong Kong-style crispy bun
  • Coffee


3. Shanghai Breakfast

  • Chinese soy milk
  • Shanghai sticky rice rolls


Terms & Conditions:

  • The offer is applicable for bookings at Butterfly on Wellington in Hong Kong only.
  • No amendments or cancellations permitted once breakfast is confirmed.
  • Breakfast ordering time must be on or before 11am.
  • Offer valid until 31st Dec 2021.
  • Butterfly Hospitality (HK) Limited reserves full rights on the final decisions of all activities, including changes to the terms and conditions and other arrangements, without subject to prior notice.
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